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By purchasing items you are accepting the contents of the Legal Statement and the Terms of Service.

If the Terms and Conditions are not accaptable, please do not open the page!

Saving the legal statement and further informations about the purchase is advised.

All the information and data on the web site, including the design and build-up, are under the protection of copyright. These elements can not be used without the permission of the owner. Violating these rights may lead to legal consequences. We paid great attention to the correctness of the pruducts' features, prices, data, etc, but we take no responsibility for it. If false price or data is shown in the webshop, especially considering the obviously wrong price, for example a "0" or "1" Ft price, which is significantly differing from a well known, widely accepted or figured price, we can not be engaged to deliver the product in the wrong price. In this case we offer the shipping with the correct price or the customer can recede from the purchase.

We do our best to fulfill the orders on time but becouse of incidental delays and defaults our company does not owe moral or other kind of responsibility under pain of refunding the product price.

The operator of the site observes the relative laws and orders when manages the information given by the visitors using the webshop.

The relative laws and orders: 1992. LXIII. act about data protection and the data publicity of general interest, the 1998. VI. act about the protection of individuals during data procession, the 2001. XL act about communication of information, the 1997 CLV act about consumer protection.

The operator of the site maintains the right to change the contets of the webshop at any time, including prices and other fees, without notice.

Owner of the password, what is needed for using the webshop, is responsibile for damages resultant passing or using the password by unauthorized person.

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