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About us

Our company was founded in 1990 with a 100% Hungarian ownership background, as a family business, a local ironmongery, intended to fulfil the ironware needs of inhabitants and entrepreneurs in the city of Hajdúnánás. Ever since our foundation, we have always been paying a special attention to distribute our high-quality products on moderate price levels, in a product range as wide as possible. Compared to the average of 50 products per kind at the beginning, nowadays we offer more than 3000 kinds of products to our circle of customers.

Currently we work together with 50 employees within the group of companies. There is a constant transformation of the company, and we continuously attempt to comply with the more and more demanding expectations of our customers, both from quality and modernity aspects. This is why in 1998 we decided to build a covered central hall on more than 2500 m2, with crane using possibilities. Thanks to this, the materials supplied by factories get to our customers in a bare metal status, without the need of any special preparations before utilization. The types of our materials cover almost the whole scale of products used at manufacturing of metal structures and building construction, such as: I - U steels, hollow sections, reinforcing rods, pipes, flat steel, round bars, angles, plates, meshes, stainless steel products, polycarbonate sheets, wrought iron products, etc. Since then we have established a warehouse in further countryside cities, as well, such as: Debrecen, Szeged, Békéscsaba, Miskolc and Nyíregyháza, where we offer a similar range of products to our customers.

Our plans for the future include, for instance, the establishment of further sites, placing iron processing machines into operation at our main site (at Hajdúnánás), the modernization of our offices and buildings, and a further quality increase of our services.

Recently we have introduced an internal quality control system, which enables the precise tracking of goods and data retrieval. This system does not operate based on a specific ISO standard; it has been created deliberately in accordance with our own internal processes, this is why it is highly efficient.

Our purchasing strategy: as concerns the purchasing, our primary aim is a saving on an economies-of-scale basis; our Company concludes yearly frame agreements both with the Hungarian and foreign manufacturers, therefore we can keep the level of our prices and the quality of our services competitive. We have established a separate trading company focusing on the purchase of imported goods. We try to do our best to offer to our partners first of all Hungarian products manufactured domestically; purchasing from abroad concerns mainly products that are not manufactured in Hungary.

Last but not least, we continuously put great efforts in delivering products distributed by us by using our own transportation vehicles, with the shortest delivery deadlines possible, without any mistakes. These efforts are supported by the growing number of our sites (all of them having their own truck park) and the newly created webshop, enabling online purchases, following the requirements of our modern era.