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Purchasing tips

The steps of purchase and details:

1. Registration and logging in

In order to place an order it is necessary for you to log in to our site as a user and create an account. First, you need to register by answering preference questions. Than later you can log in with your username and password anytime.

We guarantee that your personal information will be used only for the accomplishment of your order. The registration can be found at the top of the page. Filling out fields marked with a * are obligatory. This information is necessary from the customer, to be able to log in to our system and for us to fulfil and deliver the orders. Please try to fill out these fields as accurately and squarely as possible. After filling out please check them to avoid any further inconveniences.

2. Log in

After typing in the e-mail address and password, used at registration, you can enter the web shop by clicking on the "log in" button. It is necessary if you want to purchase items or place orders for previously added products in your cart. You can also check or modify the personal or billing information and review earlier orders.

3. Choosing and adding product(s) to cart

If you have found the item you would like to purchase than click on the "Add to cart" button. Basically only one item will appear in the cart. If you would like to buy a larger amount from the particular product, than you can easily edit the required number of products in the quantity box which you may find near the button than please click on the "Refresh" button to save these settings. You can always give an eye to the contents of your shopping cart at the upper right side of your screen.

4. Checkout - Cart contents, checking data

If you click on the button next to the cart, you can easily follow up the data of the item(s) you have chosen. Here you may also change the quantities previously set. In case of change in the number of item(s), please click on the "Refresh" button to help us recalculate the grand total in HUF according to the current amount. If you have changed your mind or just put accidentally an item into the shopping cart, here you have the option to cancel item(s) as well by clicking the "Remove" button.

5. Choose the payment method

You can pay for the chosen products in various ways. You can choose COD (Collect on Delivery) or bank transfer to our account number.

6. Order summary

Here we can check the selected product(s), quantities, payment methods and other information before placing an order. If everything is set properly we can send the order by clicking on the "Place order" button. With the "Back" button we can go back and modify or change the order.

7. Placing order

After placing an order the customer will receive a notification about the purchase and its details to the e-mail address used at the registration.

8. Thank you!

Your order has been successfully sent, and you'll soon be notified by e-mail. You can follow the actual status of your orders at the My Orders menu. Thank you for your shopping!

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